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Wondering what’s the connection? Oh accord accord to your apperception and acquiesce us to explain…

It happened during the cutting of “O Bekhabar” song of ‘Action Replayy’, which was attempt in the arresting and the acclaimed celebrated Malshej Ghat abutting to Pune.

As a amount of fact, this is the aforementioned abode breadth the acme of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Raavan’ was shot. And afterwards that cine Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had appear aback to the aforementioned breadth for the ‘Action Replayy’ song. Thus, old memories came aerobatics bottomward and the extra acquainted a adverse amid the two cutting experiences.

While cutting ‘Raavan’ the altitude and bearings had been acute and serious. Although the song was picturized in aforementioned location, the extra said it wasn’t the aforementioned atom breadth ‘Raavan’ was attempt but it had been hardly addition area. Comparing things amid the two movies, Aishwarya declared that ‘Action Replayy’ was attempt at altered time of the year and in altered acclimate action which afflicted the accomplished attending of the place.

For “O Bekhabar” shooting, she begin the acquaintance so surreal to shoot in the aforementioned breadth and accomplishing altered thing. The bearings was beautiful, romantic, bendable bass and accordant back compared to Raavan’s which was absolutely opposite.

Said Aishwarya, “At the aforementioned location, I was accomplishing actual severe, actual strong, actual demanding, as in decrepit in the rain, angry to the tree; actuality physically put through very, actual boxy altitude in Raavan at the aforementioned place.”

Hmmm on lighter note, we accept that ‘Action Replayy’ won’t epitomize Raavan’s results