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Bollywood bairn Neetu Chandra is now in Pattaya bank Thailand, cutting Ameer‘s blur 'Aadhi Bhagavan'. As this is her career chief blur in Kollywood, Neetu was added than accommodating to accord her best.

But her activity activated her hard. In one of the scenes Neetu Chandra had to smoke cigarettes which became an issue. Neetu actuality a non-smoker wasn’t accommodating to achieve the scene. She did not alike apperceive how to authority a cigarette in amid the fingers. But she learnt it for the account of professionalism.

Director Ameer accomplished her how to authority a cigarette in altered ways, and added means to stylishly smoke. Before the arena was Okayed Neetu had accomplished afire 28 cigarettes.

But we didn’t apperceive if she assuredly learnt to smoke.