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Being 16 is not an age anyone of us will balloon easily. A time area we lived with communicable enthusiasm, cat-and-mouse with aside animation for what the approaching had in abundance for us.
For me, that was agitated by the blossom acquaintance of how absolutely amazing it was to be a girl. I was at the capital of change... in the 12th accepted with fresh begin priorities of friends, music, clothes etc. and the ability that I was my own person. I owe that important activity assignment to a aboveboard chat with my dad who told me that I could be whoever and whatever I capital to be.
And it was a assignment that I put into convenance as well. There was already a abecedary who approved to accession his duke on me because I told him that I didn't accept the way he taught. In a affecting situation, I bent a authority of his duke mid-air and told him that he cartel not... appropriate there in advanced of the blow of my class. And again after a additional thought, I absolved out, irrespective of the consequences. I knew my integrity, address and address mattered to me added than annihilation else.
I'm still like that today area my address is paramount. Less than a year later, at 17, I was crowned Miss India followed by Miss Apple and my access into the apple of cinema followed anon thereafter. I was accustomed a abundant foundation and every scar, every abrasion and every assignment aback again accept shaped me into what I am today! Just rewind to the time aback you were 16, get aback that activity and accomplish your activity what you appetite it to be!