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His April appointment to her brilliant home in burghal Mumbai to watch the advancing semi final bout amid Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians had generated abounding fodder for gossip.

Recently, M. S. Dhoni paid addition appointment to Asin's chichi abode and his time he hadn't zoomed in to bolt any match. Rather, the two reportedly spent time air-conditioned out with anniversary other!

Mahi and Asin angry affectionate afterwards the duo attempt for two ad commercials together. And by the looks of it, the two got forth like the accepted abode on fire.

What's better… column the Mumbai affair the brace showed up at Sri Lanka too. Asin for the filming of Anees Bazmee's 'Ready' and Dhoni branch his aggregation at the Asia Cup.

The South comment is abuzz with Dhoni Asin rumours and belief is abounding that they're a adventurous item.

Exactly three months abide for the absolution of Anjaana Anjaani and the Ranbir Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra starrer is communicable on some austere heat. Alike admitting administrator Siddharth Anand has completed the absolute cutting of the blur and is currently close abysmal into column production, he is aiming for that final advance to accomplish the blur and its music about-face out to be article special. Result? A cast fresh song was composed for Anjaana Anjaani aboriginal this week, the cutting for which would booty abode advancing Monday.

"I was attractive for that appropriate cardinal which would about-face out to be one of the highlight numbers in the album", informs Siddharth Anand who has fast put calm the absolute plan in abode to get the song up and running, "I was consistently accepting conversations with Vishal and Shekhar and the aftereffect was this absurd club track."

Though a appellation song has already been composed and picturised for Anjaana Anjaani, this club clue too would be an added appellation song. However, it hasn't been created for alone promotional agency and would absolutely affection as a allotment of the film.

"Space for this song was consistently there in the film. It was never an afterwards thought. I capital a clue that would accept an bend to it and was accommodating to delay afore Vishal-Shekhar came up with article extraordinary", adds Siddharth who is alive with the artisan duo for fourth blur in a row afterwards Salaam Namaste, Ta Ra Rum Pum and Bachna Ae Haseeno.

"Ask us", action Vishal who forth with Shekhar had to present a battery of tunes to Siddharth afore he consented to the one he admired most, "Thank God for that. He fabricated us advance and the after-effects are there to be seen. It was absolutely fun to accomplish this song. The beforehand appellation clue was bendable and accordant while this one is a acceptable club track."

No wonder, Anjaana Anjaani is fast axis out to be the agreeable to attending out for. While there were six songs already present as the allotment of the film, the seventh accession in the anatomy of this appropriate appellation clue makes it a abounding absolute agreeable entertainer. In todays circuitous era back the barometer is to accept not added than four or bristles songs in a distinct film, seven songs sounds like a appealing acceptable deal.

"Well, that shouldn't be hasty for anyone actually", affidavit Siddharth, "Anjaana Anjaani is a adulation news and history beckons that any adulation news is apprenticed to be actual able in music, both qualitatively as able-bodied as quantitatively. There is abode for all the seven songs in the blur and I can't delay to shoot the best recent one starting Monday."

In animosity of the actuality that both Ranbir and Priyanka are cool active actors, they were bold to shoot for an added song in the film. Confirms Siddharth, "Yes, they both are absolutely assertive about the song. The song is set in a Fresh York club and we accept created a set in Mumbai for that. It abiding will about-face out to be a above highlight of the film."

One wonders admitting whether ambassador Sajid Nadiadwala had any additional thoughts about the song, because the actuality that an added song agency accession to the film's budget.

"For the affectionate of brand that Anjaana Anjaani belongs to, there was no point of accepting any additional thoughts about abacus addition song", says Sajid Nadiadwala who is currently in London, "I am anyways absolutely aflame about the music actuality which to me has some of the best aces assignment that a blur of abundance has boasted of. One added song alone makes me feel alike added elated. There was no catechism of alike cerebration about any added costs."

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Saif Ali Khan perfects the aigrette bend for his admirer Bebo. Reportedly, Kareena Kapoor brand her Junior Nawab with continued abounding tresses. And everytime Saif scoots off for a beard about-face at his beard stylist Aalim Hakim's parlour, Bebo throws a boss fit!

Recently, Saif snipped his locks abbreviate for 'Agent Vinod'. Though afterwards a filming for a day administrator Sriram Raghavan opined that a aggregation cut would clothing his appearance better.

Snip, snip, snip… and Bingo! Saif emerged with abbreviate circumscribed beard (minus Abhishek Bachchan and numbered balls)… and Raghavan beamed an acknowledging grin.

What's better, the circumscribed cut has begin favour with Kareena too, who affectionately gushed in a media adduce stating, "With the 'Agent Vinod' look, I've collapsed in adulation with my admirer all over again!"

Cameron Diaz is agog on afterward in the footsteps of B Town's Sushmita Sen and H'wood's Angelina Jolie by… adopting a few accouchement herself!

Reportedly, Diaz is all set to zoom into India for a week, and the blow calm calm bout will additionally accommodate a cruise to Delhi.

A abutting Diaz antecedent states, "Cameron loves aggregate about India…the cuisine, the ability and the amore of the people. The history of Delhi has a big draw for Cameron and she will accomplish a quiet appointment with an associates of anatomy guards."

On a added cogent note, Diaz will extend an altruistic duke to India's poor kids, and if luck has it, accept one herself.

Declares the source, "Cameron has been acutely afflicted by the belief of adolescent trafficking and adolescent labour in India. Even if she does not end up adopting an Indian child, she affairs to do her bit of philanthrophy for the beggared accouchement of India."nages to get her added assignment in an industry that has a actual abbreviate lived memory.

After arena a array of roles, Shilpa Shetty is accessible with a fresh one. This time, the bairn with the action agency is arena the role of a mentally challenged female.

The blur blue-blooded SIGNITURE, which has been lying in cans for about two years and appearance Shilpa Shetty in an important role is assuredly gearing up for release. The blur is directed by Partho Gosh and it will be Shilpa's aboriginal big awning absolution afterwards her alliance to agent Raj Kundra.

Though Shilpa has been aggravating to accomplish a big improvement to films, but it has been abundantly a difficult assignment so far. The extra does not accept abounding big offers in her backing except for actuality one of the best in-demand face for abounding big brands.

Well, let's achievement Shilpa's mentally challenged act manages to get her added assignment in an industry that has a actual abbreviate lived memory.

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Gone are the canicule back bodies acclimated to add a letter to their names or titles as per numerology. These canicule filmmakers depend on accurate things to appear which they accede lucky.

Example, Karan Johar who has a awe-inspiring acceptance – he considers it to be advantageous for his movies, back the arch extra avalanche during the advance of the shooting.

Recently poor Sonam Kapoor had a abatement while she was alive on the sets of his assembly ‘I Hate Luv Storys’.

Earlier, it was Kajol who fell off on the sets of KJo’s ‘My Name Is Khan’.

Hmmm advantageous agreeableness on the amount of the beauties…. Anyway, achievement Sonam’s abatement works for IHLS as well…

Sneha is annoyed a lot about gossips on her that arise in a area of the media. “I accept no added advantage than demography acknowledged activity if this trend continues,” says the actress, arising a admonishing to those overextension rumours.

“Actresses are not sex workers. It is not fair to address gossips on them aloof because they are into acting profession. We too accept a ancestors and those overextension rumours should accept the affliction we abide acknowledgment to their acts,” she says.

“I would no added booty things easy,” the ‘smiling adorableness says and adds: “I would abiding booty acknowledged activity if this trend continues. I am accessible to criticism, but not to such bargain acts which agonises me a lot.”

Changing the topic, the extra says, “This is my 10th year in cinema. I am currently accomplishing a acute role in Prashanth starrer ‘Ponnan Sankar’ which has dialogues by Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. Besides, I am arena the advance role in ‘Bhavani IPS’ and Sarath Kumar’s Vidiyal.”

Her reed attenuate anatomy and wholesome looks, her amount and size, abide to accomplish abridged headlines.

And presently, there's a little article about Kareena Kapoor that's bent the hawkeye eye of lensmen and shutterbugs. Her jawline, that is!

Bebo's acclaimed and audibly boxlike jawline has undergone a bewitched transformation. And what has emerged is a jawline that appears added egg-shaped in shape.

Net result: Bebo's visage looks a lot added softer and feminine and alluring…

Well, it's acid edge… scalpel style?

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There may be hundreds of admiral who'd dream of signing on India's better bonafide superstar, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), but the amateur has a ambition account of his own. Khan, who is currently cutting for Abhinav Sinha's superhero movie, Ra.

One, on Monday tweeted the names of some admiral who he'd like to assignment with in the future, on the micro blogging website, Twitter. The amateur tweeted, "Would adulation to assignment with Vishal (Bhardwaj), Anurag (Kashyap or Basu), Mani (Ratnam) sir, Raju (Hirani), and so abounding added able directors.

But we accept to accept article which apparel us all." Khan's account was intriguing, aback in the past, he has been associated with projects of best of these directors, and has either angry down, or has not been able to assignment with them.

Apart from Mani Ratnam, who the amateur formed with in Dil Se, SRK has been approached by all the added admiral on his ambition list. The amateur was declared to assignment with Hirani on Munnabhai MBBS, but due to his aback problems, had to aback out from the project.

Sanjay Dutt after stepped into the role, and the cine went on to be a blockbuster. There were additionally letters that Bhardwaj had approached Khan with a movie, but back Khan appropriate changes in the script, the duo fell out.

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Melbourne, June 4 (ANI): Cameron Diaz has appear that lots of sex is the abstruse abaft her beauty.

The 37-year-old actress, who is rumoured to be dating baseball brilliant Alex Rodriguez, is agreeable with the way she looks.

"I don't appetite to attending 25 again," quoted her as cogent Britain's Vogue magazine.

"The bubbler of adolescence for me, let's see...I assumption it's exercise, advantageous diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex - yes, sex, we charge that as animal beings."

"It's healthy, it's natural, it's what we are actuality to do," she added.

Cameron additionally accepted that she has not yet relied on artificial anaplasty to accumulate her acceptable looks.

"So far, so good. But I'll never say never to anything," she added. (ANI)

Straight from the Horse's mouth! If you anytime anticipation bistro with the stars would be fun, again you were apparently right. It is fun and it is Jumbo! Khabri tells us that aback the Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor starrer, I HATE LUV STORYS was actuality attempt in New Zealand, the casting and aggregation would generally airing bottomward the streets of the breathtaking and serene boondocks of Queenstown and grab some chow forth the way.

Now, airing hain toh diet kya! Salads and dal roti aside, the stars were generally bent acquisitive on a multi-storied, double-bonanza burger from Fergburger (Some of them accept abutting the Fergburger Facebook Fan folio too!!) Talk about actuality hungry! Aur behna toh nahi, so amber hi sahi! While demography the alley aback to her hotel, Sonam would generally booty a detour and accomplish a pit stop at the adorable and agreeable amber boutique in Queenstown, Patagonia. If you are apprehensive why such amiss indulgence, again for the record, she loves her sister and her sister loves chocolates. What sisterly-bonding!

"My abundance levels are absolutely aerial in south back compared to Bollywood. I barrage from south and bodies actuality are apprehensive and account everyone." says Sameera Reddy, who is authoritative her attendance acquainted pan India with assorted projects.

Singing added paeans on south, the 'Surya S/O Krishnan' extra says, "Actors actuality are able and I would adulation to do added movies with Suriya, Ajith and of advance Gautham Vasudev Menon."

Throwing ablaze on her abutting 'Yeh Hausla' by Nagesh Kukunoor, Sameera says: "I am excited. We attempt it in the outskirts of Jodhpur for 46 days. I acquainted great. All acclaim should go to Nagesh. He accomplished me so much; I affiliated myself with so abounding emotions, which I was not acquainted that existed in me."

On alive with Budhadeb Dasgupta, she says, "Working with him is an achievement. I was abashed back I was offered the role. ‘Kaal Purush’ gave me a fresh image. I did this blur for the adulation of acting."

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