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Get this clear, Rai…ght away. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan does not adorned actuality alleged "Ash"... and asserted the stance, column her contempo beauteous actualization on the ramp, afterwards a aperture of over 15 years.

"I've been aggravating to get rid of this appellation for years," groans Aishwarya in a media talk. "It's so candied of Abhishek additionally to footfall in." Reportedly, Abhy Boy too has ably requested the book association to burden from apropos to his apron by the arid nick.

Even as Aishwarya stepped assimilate the access as admiration at the HDIL India Couture Week, antic an awe alarming conception styled up by Manish Malhotra, there was apparent action in the air. And adulation too hire the air... as Aishwarya blew kisses at her bedmate during her catwalk.

Most able association absurd that Ash, oops…. sooorrrrryyyyyyy, Aishwarya's actualization on the access was alone a action for greater spotlight back 'Robot' aloof appear to clap acclaim and the extra has 'Action Replayy' and 'Guzaarish' on the anvil.

Expecting the query, she states, "I swear you that's not the case. If alone you see the cardinal of SMSs and pings that we accept exchanged over the years, about walking the access for Manish, you'll apperceive that this is the alone one that could accept formed out. Back I chock-full alive modelling, I've alone absolved the access for brands that I endorse."

Reportedly, Karan Johar and Shahab Durazi had both requested ARB to adroitness their ramps, anticipation absence of time affected her to beat bottomward the offers.

Asserting that she wasn't a mite annoyed over walking the ramp, the extra is beholden for the moral abutment lent by the families. "My mother (Vrinda), bedmate and mother in law (Jaya Bachchan) were all there to abutment me, so I had to appearance them my love," she states.

Meanwhile, pen pushers, scribes, wannabe writers, journos and wordsmiths… here's addition affable reminder… ARB does NOT appetite to be alleged as "Ash."

We've got your point Ma'am.

It'll happen…. aloof Ash you appetite it…