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The Ajith-Trisha starrer Mankatha, directed by Venkat Prabu, has been in the account back cutting began. The above portions of the blur accept been attempt in Mumbai, with important chunks were attempt in Hyderabad as well. Ajith admirers went berserk afterwards some of `Thala’s bite dialogues from the blur were leaked.
The administrator of the blur had planned to shoot Mankatha’s acme in Madurai and the producers were authoritative arrange to present the acme in a abundant way. Back the acme is absolutely action-oriented, the producers and the admiral acquainted that Madurai would be the apt atom to blur the sequence.
But recently, the Mankatha aggregation confused abject to Chennai for the acme sequence.
Sources from the industry say that back best of the blur was attempt in Mumbai, Chennai would bout the background. Another acumen could be that `Thala’ has the best cardinal of admirers in Madurai and the aggregation acquainted it would be boxy to shoot on the outskirts of Madurai. Reportedly, now the acme has assuredly been attempt in Chennai.
After the acme the aggregation will fly to Hyderabad to can the actual scenes in the film.
The assembly co-ordinator of the blur confirms, “The film’s acme has been attempt in Chennai and the aggregation will now about-face to Hyderabad for some acute scenes.“
Innumerable `Thala’ fans, who were cat-and-mouse for a glimpse of their `ultimate star,’ may be aghast by Mankatha’s abrupt change of schedule, but accessible concern about the blur has added afterwards all the hype.

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Priyanka Chopra fabricated active about-face at a burghal capital back she absolved in with a acquaintance in tow on Monday afternoon. The actress, who got a breach from the Agneepath shoot, capital to analysis out some DVDs and books. Wearing casuals, PC was her blithe cocky as she absolved into a abundance and started browsing around.
Onlookers were afraid to see how balmy and affectionate she was. Instead of calling for aegis or allurement for the boutique to be shut down, the extra circuitous with the accessible and connected shopping. A antecedent reveals that she best up some movies and a brace of books on poetry. We anticipate added actresses should booty a cue from PC and leave their starry wings aside.

Priyanka Chopra was spotted cutting for Agneepath at Versova on Friday. Dressed in a ghagra-choli, she was cutting for a dahi handi scene.
Despite the airless heat, PC kept air-conditioned by throwing buckets of baptize at the Govinda revellers. When things got too hot, she took apartment beneath a huge umbrella.
The blur is actuality attempt with Mazgaon's acclaimed Govind Mandal. A huge set has been erected advanced of the fisherfolk's breadth in Versova. Buzz is that her Agneepath co-star Hrithik Roshan was to breach the handi.

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‘An extra has to be glamorous, but she should apperceive her banned and assignment accordingly. So was I and so will be my daughter. But I am sure, I’ll accept a watch over Karthika and adviser her accordingly’ says adept extra Radha while introducing her babe Karthika at a columnist accommodated captivated this apex at Hotel Green Park. Walking amidst abounding clicks, Radha and her babe were spotted with their sparkling smile.
When asked whether Karthika would assurance alluring roles, the newbie uttered, “There’s a actual attenuate band amid allure and boorishness and it has to be dealt carefully. I watched my mom actualization in alluring apparel in abounding films that includes ‘Mudhal Mariyadhai’. But she won analytical acclaims for her best performance.”
Radha totted up adage that she will be blessed if her babe Karthika looks carnal in saris.

A British woman has larboard the Western Australian anchorage of Fremantle in a bid to row abandoned beyond the Indian Ocean.
Roz Savage, 43, a above advance broker from Cheshire, has already beyond the Atlantic and Pacific.
Her most recent claiming is an attack to row beyond 6,400km of accessible baptize as she attempts to become the aboriginal woman to row beyond three oceans.
She hopes her journey, which is accepted to aftermost for four months, will accession acquaintance about abyssal pollution.
In the accomplished Ms Savage, originally from Northwich, has acclimated her long-distance canoeing exploits to advance added ecology causes.
Her exact avenue and final destination are actuality kept abstruse for aegis reasons.
The aboriginal plan had been to arch to the Indian burghal of Mumbai. However, that avenue would accept taken her into seas stalked by pirates off the bank of Somalia.
The blackmail airish by piracy is a fresh affair for the environmentalist, who survived angry storms and a near-drowning on her journeys beyond the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
"It's article that I anticipate about in the wee hours of the night," she told the Associated Press account agency.
"I've done aggregate I can to abate the risk, so now I try and aloof acquaint myself that yeah, there's annihilation added I can do."
The Briton's home for the abutting few months will be a 7m (23ft) canoeing boat.
It has a tiny berth area Ms Savage will seek acquittal back she will not stop for break on land.
Her circadian accepted is set to absorb 12 hours of canoeing anniversary day, in three-hour stints, with hour-long blow break to eat amid shifts.
Ms Savage has a desalinator on her baiter to accomplish alkali baptize drinkable.
She additionally has a six-month accumulation of bake-apple and nut confined and freeze-dried meals. And she will abound bean sprouts in a baby pot.
The London-based Ocean Canoeing Society, a accumulation that advance canoeing feats about the world, said Ms Savage will be the aboriginal woman to row beyond three oceans if she is successful.

With alternating films active aloof boilerplate films or axis out flops, Ileana is afraid about her career in the Tollywood. However, she connected to be the best capital charlatan for the Telugu producers.
Her contempo films ‘Saleem, Rechipo and Shakthi’ bootless to accomplish a mark at the Box Office, she had kept aerial hopes on ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’.
Directed by Puri Jagannath, her godfather, who gave her a blockbuster like ‘Pokiri’ in the aboriginal canicule of her career, Ileana is cyberbanking on him to accord a big hit already again.
She is optimistic and is on an upbeat affection for her abutting release, ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’. The blur revolves about the abstraction of suicide and has Rana actualization as a able analgesic and the news added develops into a adventurous articulation amid Illeana and Rana.
The charlatan is optimistic that she gave a appropriate achievement in the blur and the move gave her a lot of ambit for performance.

Onir’s ‘I Am’ is authoritative account about the all-around at several blur festivals. The film, which is a accumulation of four abbreviate stories, appearance eminent actors namely Juhi Chawla, Sanjay Suri, Manisha Koirala, Rahul Bose amid others. But did you apperceive there was calligraphy change in the antecedent date of the project? No? Well, again apprehend on …
Our birdies begin out that beforehand the blur was absolutely accounting for B-town’s ancient sizzler Karisma Kapoor. The acclaimed extra was said to accept been offered the role of adolescent corruption victim, now played by Sanjay Suri in the film. Also, the blur was again blue-blooded ‘You And I’.
Initially back Karisma apprehend the script, she admired it instantly and absitively to acknowledgment to big screen. But after she afflicted her apperception adage that she wasn't abiding if it's the appropriate time for her to accomplish a comeback. And that concluded it all.
But the administrator didn’t apart heart. Onir again approached his abutting pal Sanjay and afflicted the absolute calligraphy - from changeable appearance to macho point of view. Not alone that, the administrator had to accede the actuality that animal corruption affects boys and girls in a altered ways. And so he had to adapt the calligraphy basing that argumentation as well.
Hmmm, activity by the storyline looks like our appealing Lolo has absent out some absorbing role… What say?

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Smiling adorableness Sneha had been too active in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films till date that she never agreed to do a Hindi blur admitting opportunities came her way. But now the adult has agreed to try her luck in Bollywood.
Her admission will be with adept amateur Naseeruddin Shah. Sources in Kollywood say that Sneha is so blessed to get an befalling to allotment the awning amplitude with Naseeruddin Shah and she absitively to lap it up. In this blur blue-blooded Mad Dad to be directed by Revathy Verma of June R fame, she will comedy Naseeruddin Shah's wife and mom to a developed up babe to be played by Aysha Takia.

Madhavan is on a aerial these canicule as his Tanu Weds Manu was a big hit in Bollywood. Now he has added acumen to smile as he has been approached for the accommodate in Tamil. The amateur has agreed back this activity is actual abutting to his heart.
The makers accept additionally approached Trisha for the role that Kangna Ranaut did in the original. It is acquainted that she will be absolute as the insubordinate who hates attitude and conventionality. There has been no official acceptance yet, but sources acknowledge that Trisha is absolutely acquisitive to do the role with one of her ancient co-stars. Watch this amplitude for added info!

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Actress Shriya Saran is a big adherent of alms and philonthraphic activities. After starting a spa in Mumbai's Lokhandwala which has all visually challenged employees, she is now all set to go about AP to advance aptitude amid hole kids.
Shriya is the cast agent of an NGO that affairs to conduct aptitude hunts for hole kids and youngsters with their programme 'Meri Pehchaan' beyond above metros in AP. Shriya and the NGO will ability out to over 1 Lakh kids an baddest the best amidst them and abutment them financially. We apprehend she will be activity on a alley appearance to Vizag, Viayawada, Warangal, Karimnagar et al to actualize acquaintance amid kids and youngsters on this contest. This challenge is actuality co-ordinated by above editor of a blur annual Vanaja Banagiri.
"She will bout the accompaniment in the abutting two months and will be a allotment of this action to chase aptitude amid underprivileged youngsters. The best 25 will be accustomed banking support" a antecedent confirmed.
Though Shriya is accepted to bandy tantrums on the cine sets and date shows, we accept she is actual bottomward to apple and amorous back it comes to accommodating activities and is actual accommodate.
She allegedly got the visually challenged agents in her spa distinctively accomplished in Srilanka to do their work.

Of late, Anushka is proving herself to be absolutely a glam-goddess of Kollywood with her performances. To belie all this, the extra has gone absolutely de-glam in her accessible cine area sources acknowledge that, she has performed as an complete fun admiring being in, 'Deiva Thirumagan'.
Sources additionally acknowledge that ‘Deiva Thirumagan’ is based on the Hollywood movie, ‘I am Sam,’ area Vikram plays the role of a mentally challenged being who lives with his seven year child, afterwards the child’s mother, Amala Paul, passes away. An affecting aberration and about-face in the artifice makes Vikram access a arch lawyer, Anushka Shetty, to advice him restore his affectionate rights.
Anushka, seems to accept delivered a lot of ‘comedy’ scenes in the cine forth with Santhanam. All this has alone added the advertising for the movie; looks like ‘Deiva Thirumagan’ will absolutely be a absolute ‘family-entertainer’ demography admirers over an affecting roller-coaster ride.

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The aggregation of Mankatha wouldn’t accept accepted such a huge army at Dharavi in Mumbai. When bodies in that breadth came to apperceive that Ajith is in their adjacency to booty allotment in the Mankatha shooting, they aloof descended on the sets.
Ajith, on the added hand, was blessed to accommodated his admirers and answerable them by assuming for photos and signing autographs. Mankatha’s administrator Venkat Prabhu had a boxy time aggravating to ascendancy the army and resumed the cutting afterwards a abbreviate break.
Mankatha is produced by Dayanidhi Alagiri for Cloud Nine Movies. The blur has Arjun, Trisha, Lakshmi Rai and Anjali arena important roles.

Now that he has completed cutting for ‘Deiva Thirumagan’, Vikram is accessible to move on to his abutting project, to be directed by Suseendran of ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ and ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ fame.
The blur is said to be a complete bartering amateur to ‘satisfy’ Vikram fans, who are anxious to see the Cheeyan accomplishing all heroisms. And two actresses accept been roped in as heroines as of now.
They are accepted Tollywood charlatan Deeksha Seth (of ‘Vedam’ and ‘Mirapakay’ fame) and Malayalam extra Mithra Kurian, who was apparent arena Asin’s abutting acquaintance in Vijay’s ‘Kavalan’ recently.
“The yet-to-bet-titled activity will go on floors soon. A quickie, the blur will hit the screens aural the end of this year, conceivably for Deepavali. Suseendran, who has completed ‘Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai’, is agilely attractive advanced to assignment with Vikram,” sources say.

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Chennai-based aggregation Cineola Agenda Cinemas has entered into the agenda cinema administration with the barrage of their proprietary technology. This technology is aimed to bear apple chic agenda angel that will account the blur industry.
Noted amateur Kamal Haasan was present during this barrage and said, “Over the aftermost few decades, the blur industry has adapted rapidly in not aloof the scripts, concepts, costumes, or the appearance of blur authoritative but additionally in the acceptance of technology. Technology allows a filmmaker to aesthetically present his creativity. Apple over, media and ball industry has leveraged on the abstruse advancements accessible to advance the affection of angel and music in films, and this has been accustomed with abundant acknowledgment from the viewers. Agenda Cinema Administration technology has a lot of befalling in India. Cineola Agenda Cinemas has taken the action and conceptualized an avant-garde apparatus which would accommodate the cine examination experience. I congratulate the aggregation on their fresh adventure and will absolutely attending advanced to this technology actuality chip in the amount chain.”