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At a contempo event, Indian candid captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni acted as a careful acquaintance to Bengal adorableness Bipasha Basu, back the admirers about them angry unruly. The two celebrities forth with candid fable Kapil Dev were in Surat (Gujarat) on Monday for the commencement of fresh best auberge The Grand Bhagwati. Back they entered the venue, the aflame army became absolutely unmanageable, which fabricated the stars difficult to airing beyond the stage. Taking ascendancy over the situation, Dhoni stepped in advanced of Basu, not giving abundant anticipation to his own assurance and guided the extra protectively out of the mob. Although the two managed to appear out of it, Bipasha accustomed a accessory abrasion aloft her larboard eye. But as they say, it pays to be a star…. Basu brushed off the accomplished affair casually, adage that it was annihilation major. “There were aloof too abounding bodies and the aegis was outnumbered. But at the end aggregate was okay,” remarked the beauty.