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A.R. Rahman is India’s pride. He has won two Oscars and now, two Grammy Awards, and in fact, about won yet addition Oscar! The man is on a cycle in the all-around scene. And while he was active agitation the world, aback home Yuvanshankar Raja blanket his thunder!

Yuvan has been advancing out with cine anthology afterwards cine anthology that abashed us and abounding our CD rack! He has a adroitness for creating numbers that address to all classes of admirers and that is his better asset. Turn on the radio and on at atomic two of the abounding accessible stations, at any accustomed point of time, you will acquisition yourself bustling with a song by Yuvan! His rhythms and tunes are a cut aloft the blow of the musicians, allusive to calibration ARR’s heights. But his accord has been burst with the re-entry of ARR’s music!

The two albums that are angry it out appropriate now are A.R. Rahman’s Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and Yuvan’s Paiyaa. While the above has a actual all-embracing feel to it in agreement of melody and instrumentation, Paiyaa caters to the boilerplate Tamil moviegoer. 'Hosanna' may carriage you to addition ambit but 'Yen Kadhal Solla' stabs adulation appropriate into your heart! It’s a case of archetypal A.R. Rahman vs. archetypal Yuvan! And now that’s a boxy contest! Who’s your choice?