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She may accept fabricated her admission in Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar as a actual commonly dressed and bourgeois girl. But that is absolutely in adverse to Meenakshi’s accurate self. This bell bairn aspired to be an extra from a actual adolescent age. She gaduated in Maths to amuse her parents but all the time, she accomplished her acting dream. “I don’t accept a asperse or alike a abroad about in the industry. My parents never absolutely took my adolescence acting dreams seriously. My ancestors was bent with my accommodation to act and banned to aback me. But I knew I had to do it,” says Meenakshi, who chased her dreams adjoin all odds.

She is not afraid to allure and back you point out that she bamboozled us all with her attending in Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar, she alone laughs, “I active that cine because it was actual altered from what you usually see. I had ambit to prove my acting and for an actor, that’s what's important.” But what about the glam roles that accept followed? Is allure as important?

“For an extra to be successful, she charge attending acceptable and act well. But today, allure is appropriately important. Cinema endeavours to accord audiences what they want, what they would like top watch. Allure sells. Audiences appetite glamour. The day they alpha allurement alone for saree-clad women, again we will accord them that,” is Meenakshi’s honest acknowledgment and you got to duke it to her for speaking the accuracy with no reservation.