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Despite adverse austere antagonism from top actresses like Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor, Kajol has remained the acknowledged queen of bollywood and that too afterwards actuality in semi/self imposed banishment anytime back her marriage. And her box-office ascendancy and fan following, abnormally in the Overseas is unparalleled. Her accessible project, MY NAME IS KHAN, with her advantageous agreeableness Shahrukh Khan, has all the capacity to accumulate her position at the top of the ladder complete and alike cool her fan base.

Not abounding will apperceive that Kajol was offered roles in both the MUNNA BHAI films as able-bodied as the all time blockbuster, 3 IDIOTS, but she did not acquire them as she begin the roles too miniscule and acquainted that she did not acquire abundant ambit in them. So, what fabricated her acquire MY NAME IS KHAN? As per the actress, it was because of the appearance of Mandira, which she essays in the blur that she active MNIK. She begin Mandira to be imperfect, hardly mad, little crazy and zany. Kajol adds that she admired Mandira's confidence and the actuality that her appearance thinks somewhat abnormally from what others will in her abode or situation.

Well, watching Kajol is consistently a amusement as she lights up the awning with her bald attendance and watching her with her favourite co-star Shahrukh Khan will be 'sone-pe suhaga'.