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Suriya’s Aircel 'Save Our Tigers' attack with Apple Wildlife Fund (WWF) India, launched beyond television channels in India is axis out to be a delinquent cool hit.

The tiger citizenry in the agrarian in India has alone to 1411 in allegory to 40,000 tigers a hundred years back. The attack calls for absolute activity as the bread pushes nearer to extinction.

The anniversary old attack has already created a buzz. 'Stripey the Cub', the face of the initiative, has huge fan afterward on accepted amusing networking website like Facebook and Twitter.

The through-the-line attack portrays the apple as it’s apparent through the eyes of a six-months old tiger cub alleged Stripey. He is apparent to be cat-and-mouse for his mother that will never return, as battery of the poachers is heard in the background.

Suriya told "I was abashed seeing the absolute cardinal of tigers larboard in the wild. So I was agog to actualize an acquaintance and be a allotment of the campaign".

The attack has alleged on the abutment of Indian candid captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, footballer Baichung Bhutia and actors Suriya, Kabir Bedi and Shernaz Patel.

It is addition calamus on Suriya’s hat and a abundant action undertaken by him. The star’s walrus beard and Singam attending has been able to ability beyond to millions of households in Northern India. Well done Suriyaji, Aapne kamaal kar diya!