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Decades of experience, professionalism and passion. The main features that our web design agency  has acquired over time and that are now available to our customers. 

For this Ryhab Solutions offers high quality services, capable of assisting the customer to 360 °, from design to completion of the graphic layout and programming of the site optimization positioning in search engines, web marketing strategies for a promotion online. 

The strategy of our web design agency  aims to increase business opportunities for our customers, offering solutions that are not only innovative but also able to adapt to the needs of those who must make use, reflecting both its characteristics. 

At an operational level this translates into constant research, 'analysis and the continuous development of new solutions and highly personalized, preferring open strategies that ensure our customers the freedom of choice necessary to achieve its growth plans. 

All thanks to the web, exceptional mode of recovery, thanks to the multiplicity and versatility of its tools, allows detection method and the best strategy to comply with our and your ideas ... "Remember You Have A Brain!", This is the philosophy of our web agency. 

Investing in an e-commerce site that is incapable of attracting visitors, it is totally useless, and our e-commerce software is fully optimized for search engines and is a tool that already now can ensure visibility and increased sales. 

Our platform has a system of Web Content Management System (CMS) for the creation and management of the pages, menus, and articles. 

L 'e-commerce is prepared and for sale for the (B2B) Business to Business for the (B2C) Business to Consumer, is user friendly and for those who buy at in a simple and intuitive interface both for the administrator who can manage the site without being an expert on the web. 

RYHAB Commerce has the following modules: shopping cart developed with technology for a fast and easy purchase 
Online catalog by creating a showcase for the sale of the items also managing sizes and availability 
Customer data management 
Inventory management with management of sottoscorta 
Form for the issuance of invoices and DDT in PDF format 
Shipping calculator 
Configuration of the site and email messages automatically 
Management modules of purchase (if provided by the product) 
Prices vary by type of user 
Online payment with credit card and paypal 
ECommerce Customization by any graphic layout 
Other features on request

Thanks to its easy, intuitive and Search Engine Ready, Ryhab Commerce is the ideal product for those who want to take their business with the guarantee of success. 

RYHAB Commerce is available in Full Web (Frontend + Backoffice remote) that Client Server (Desktop + Backoffice Frontend remote)