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No, No…… Ajay and Twinkle charge not worry. It’s their little ones that accompany Kajol and Akshay together. The kids accord the acumen for Kajol and Akshay band big time. As everybody knows that the two actors adulation their kids immensely.

Akshay's son Aarav and Kajol's babe Nysa abstraction in the aforementioned academy and both the actors met during one of the contest at the school.

Sources present say that Kajol was active chatting and Akshay was giving a backbone ear.

We don’t apperceive what SRK will anticipate of this pouching of area by the Khiladi who aboriginal affective Farah and now it’s his baby acquaintance Kajol whom Akshay has pouched. Wonder what Twinkle will anticipate about this dostana, we apperceive this arch anticipation will appear to some minds but we would like to acquaint you that it’s the adulation and amore for their kids and a affidavit of how acceptable parents these two actors are.