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The Ugly Truth'… er, sorry… the handsome accuracy is that Hollywood action Gerard Butler did accept the adventurous ambition for Priyanka Chopra, earlier.
Reportedly, Butler had gone bottomward on his celeb knees and proposed alliance to the active Miss World 2000. And activity by the squeals of an cabal from New York, Chopra still reigns absolute in Butler's arch heart.Gossip mills rushed into overdrive back the '300' hunk showed up on the sets of 'Anjaana Anjaani' at New York … chatted nineteen to the dozen.. and spent an absolute day with her!
Sources assert that the duo met rather warmly, and Chopra seemed to alternate his amore with ardour. Brings to apperception Butler's acceptable humoured comment. "I don't apperception marrying an Indian girl, but Priyanka already has a boyfriend," he'd remarked. After her breach with Baweja and her allure with acquaintance Kapoor activity kaput, Butler's affairs assume bright. Guess, it's the agreeable truth.