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'Mahathma' charlatan Bhavana is afflicted at the cutting of her Kannada blur 'Jackie'. She was cutting with Puneeth Rajkumar on the Bangalore Highways yesterday.

According to the arena Bhavana and Puneeth were travelling on a motor aeon and on the way Bhavana was declared to cull sugarcane from a casual lorry accustomed a sugarcane load. When the administrator Suri said activity the lorry anesthetized and Bhavana pulled a pikestaff but she pulled it fast and because of the accelerated activity her anatomy jerked and the bike absent its balance. Even Puneeth could not ascendancy it and they both fell off the bike.

Bhavana was afflicted with astringent bruises on her easily and legs. The doctors accept brash her to be at blow for a anniversary afore resuming work.

We ambition you a aboriginal accretion Bhavana.