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"Comedy is a austere business and ball as a brand is absolutely challenging." This ascertainment was fabricated by Kamal Haasan, who has presented us abounding agitative films.

Speaking at a appropriate screening of the blur 'Kola Kolaya Mundhirikka', for accouchement ability analysis for cancer, in Chennai on Friday, he said authoritative ball movies is not an accessible thing.

The veteran, who had acted in ball films like 'Michael Madhana Kamarajan', 'Kadhala Kadhala', 'Thenali', 'Pammal K Sambandham' and 'Panchathanthiram', said amusement is a best anesthetic which would advice bodies balloon the aching therapies they undergo.

The amateur stood in advanced of cameras for a abrupt photo affair with the children. 'Kola Kolaya Mundhirikka' producers Trisakti Sundarraman and Nalini Sundarraman promised to accord the aboriginal day collections of blur for accouchement with cancer.

The movie's administrator Madhumitha, screenplay-dialogue biographer ‘Crazy' Mohan and amateur Karthi Kumar amid others took allotment in the event, which was accommodating by Mahesh Memorial Trust.