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OXIS INTERNATION INC,  is a research and development company and sale of products that to act in opposition to the harmful effects of"Oxidative Stress". The oxidative stress is nothing that in which the body's antioxidant and defensive abilities to combat free radicals. Because of this the healthy body balance is either lost or compromised. We have done a research specifically on this and discovered a product which focus on naturally occurring protect. It is nothing but “ERGOTHIONEINE". It comprises the super antioxidant for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and therapeuticse substances. Our product is very Special that we are not produced from our commercial products like dairy products, meats, etc. Our product improves the body’s own intrinsic defenses against oxidative stress and enhances the various health protective systems. 
1. Conserve and maintain the levels of other antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and glutathione
2. Increase respiration and the oxidation of fat
3. Protect mitochondria from damage
4. Neutralize increased oxidative stress by providing an ROS (reactive oxygen species) and RNS (reactive nitrogen species) scavenging 
Therapeutic Compounds
Therapeutic compounds and clinical products are actual remedies that can be used to treat diseases. Oxis has several therapeutic
Compounds that are available to be licensed including anti-inflammatory and several therapeutic antioxidant mimics with potential
Applications in the treatment of neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other condition  
Causes:  Oxidative stress is caused by the unchecked activities of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). Both ROS and RNS are highly reactive, unstable molecules that, in healthy cells, are created and neutralized as part of normal cell life. However, if the production of free radicals and ROS/RNS exceeds the body's natural defense mechanisms, oxidative damage to vital molecules in the body can occur and may lead to cell dysfunction and cell death.
Our product’s vital role:
OXIS'  is to control both direct cellular abnormalities and damage from ROS and RNS.  One of ways that this can be accomplished is by using OXIS’s compounds to modulate the activation of certain molecules called transcription factors.
OXIS’ consumer products strategy addresses very important health concerns including aging and age-related disorders that are increasing with trends in US demographics.  These concerns include:

    * Brain health
    * Immunity against diseases
    * Anti-aging/skin health
    * Inflammation
    * Detoxification
    * Blood sugar regulation