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Trisha who commutual for the aboriginal time with Pawan Kalyan in his accessible blur 'Theenmaar', is all acclaim for the powerstar.She claimed that Pawan's ball timing while acting is unparallaled.She says she is yet to accommodated an amateur who is so ad-lib in ball abnormally in the affliction scenes.
She says that while acting in a few movies, she can accomplish out the fate of the blur able-bodied in advance. 'Theenmaar', she says is a abiding attempt hit.
"I did alone a bedfellow role in 'Bangaram' with Pawan Kalyan.I never anticipation I would get a adventitious to act with him again..He is a assertive of activity and the way he does activity scenes is superb.I am yet to act with a brilliant like him.Since we do a lot of movies, we accept a fair abstraction of what the movie's fate will be like at the box office.While accomplishing Theenmaar, I was abiding it will be a blockbuster hit" Trisha announced.
Theenmaar audio is able-bodied recieved by the admirers and there are absolute letters on the aboriginal attending of the film.Jayant Paranji directed this activity and Ganesh Babu produced it.Another charlatan Kriti Karbandha is additionally apparent in this movie.This adulation amateur will hit the screens in April additional week.