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Priyanka Chopra aloof bumped in with our brilliant anchorman at Go Bananas – Mumbai’s hot spot. Smelling a aureate befalling as Women’s Day is accepting acclaimed all over the world, Priyanka who has acclaimed adulthood on awning with ‘Fashion’, ‘What’s Your Rashee?’ and ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ lashed out at Bollywood for actuality hypocrite.
“Priyanka! Blessed Women’s Day!
“What’s so blessed about the Women’ Day?” Priyanka attempt aback in anger.
“Why are you accepting so affronted about Women’s Day celebration?” asked the reporter
“I accept got to be angry. There is annihilation to celebrate,” Priyanka said.
“You are still affronted about the beating of 7 Khoon Maaf,” anchorman asked.
“A arresting cine is fabricated about a adventurous woman demography her afterlife in her hands. And the blur flops. People adios it. And now they are adulatory Women’s Day. It is the acme of hypocrisy. And you apprehend me to be blessed about it and accompany the celebration,” Priyanka said.
“It is up to you to accompany or not to accompany the celebration. But why are accepting so affronted about the flopping of 7 Khoon. How do you apprehend the audiences to acknowledge a blur area a woman is apparent as the consecutive analgesic of her husbands?” asked the reporter.
“You accept apparent what affectionate of husbands they were. That bruised major. He wins awards for courage in the battlefield and again torments her acceptable wife,” Priyanka said.
“You know, I adulation dancing. I do a bit of tango at the Club and he goes advanced and smashes the face of my poor partner,” Priyanka continued.
“It was awful arbitrary for an army officer,” she connected further.
“His activity is killing. He goes to annihilate a tiger as a game. I alone provided aliment to a hungry,” said Priyanka.
“What do you mean?” asked the reporter.
“What’s amiss in agriculture a abandoned man to a tiger?” Priyanka asked.
“Maybe, there is annihilation amiss if that bad man additionally happens to be your husband. But why you dead a accompanist and again a poet. You should accept apparent some application for artists,” asked the reporter.
“I adulation art and artistes. It is the acumen I affiliated them. But what you do back the handsome bedrock accompanist additionally turns out to be a biologic aficionado and a womanizer,” Priyanka said.
“Why you didn’t beatific him for the rehab, abounding celebrities accept gone and recovered from there,” asked the reporter
“I accept in adulation acquisition all and I didn’t had time and backbone for a Rehab,” said Priyanka
“You accept in quick action,” asked reporter
“He admired to be bagged and I gave him the dosage of the lifetime,” Priyanka said.
“And you acclaimed his afterlife alert to Urdu poetry,” anchorman asked
“He was a different case of a soulful admirable artist axis out a awful man,” Priyanka said.
“And you apperceive actual able-bodied how to be awful with the nasty,” anchorman asked.
“You apperceive I’m a woman of abundant integrity,” Priyanka said.
“Sounds funny. A charlatan of assorted marriages claims to be a woman of integrity,” asked reporter.
“I’m a one man woman. I never cheated back affiliated to a man,” Priyanka said.
“If the man cheated you accomplished him,” anchorman said.
“What abroad I could accept done,” Priyanka said.
“You did not stop afterwards the Russian. You went advanced and added a policeman and a doctor to your score,” anchorman said.
“Well, it was my destiny,” Priyanka said.
“The abundant acclaimed accolade champ ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ additionally was on destiny,” said the anchorman and connected by saying, “But abounding from Bollywood didn’t accepted it much, some alike termed it as a Bollywood masala flick in English directed by an American and acted by Indians.”
“Hypocrites,” said Priyanka as she gulped her alcohol and banged the bottle on the table…….
The aloft address up is aloof an act of fiction built-in from the writer’s imagination. IG respects women and considers them as a antecedent of power, strength, wisdom, abundance and prosperity. Priyanka had not accustomed any such interview.