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The casting of 'Race 2' has been appear and none of the three arch ladies from the original, whether Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu or Sameera Reddy, affection in this sequel. This has in actuality afraid a few, abnormally those who acquainted that Sameera actuality the alone aloof appearance in a news fabricated of all-gray characters could accept been retained.
"Yes, she was an eye bonbon in 'Race' but to comedy a impaired bimbo was article which was the claim of the film," says a abutting associate, "If Katrina and Bipasha had far added austere roles, Sameera was the banana relief. In actuality she was the alone aloof appearance and could possibly accept been retained in the sequel."
However, accustomed the actuality that Anil Kapoor's appearance (that of a detective cop) has backward on, isn't Sameera missing out on all the action? After all she was his accomplice in the blur and if he can stay, so can she, isn't it?
Though a little afraid to accessible up, Sameera says, "See, in our industry, heroes are the ones who accept a say and admiral are the ones who accomplish choices. There is no point for a arch adult to interfere. We are area we are. If makers accept gone advanced and put calm a casting that works for them, it's okay."
Guess Sameera has no advisedly in acceptance the absolute accuracy actuality and has agilely confused out of the 'race'!