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Hello Dear friends, visitors and subscribers, I really happy to write about the greatest site for Holiday Inn Al Khobar hotel. It’s is easily located between the industrial hubs and business centers of Al Khobar, Dhahran and Dammam. It is 5 minutes away from the amazing Dhahran Mall, Al Rashed Mall and the magnificent Khobar Corniche.  I am more confident to say that this conference and meeting venues hotel is the only one and the best holiday special selection in Saudi Arabia. I also understand from their web page that the hotel is more spread around the country from country side to the best in hospitality and commercial area which also includes most beautiful locations around the country.
I believe that you will at least visit this place and site once you visit to Saudi Arabia and I also promise you that you will visit again and again if you visit once. The site is also says that the hotel is having very stylish accommodation and luxurious way of living. Most amazing properties of the hotel portfolio are grade one and two listed buildings country side settings.
Holiday Inn Al Khobar Hotels will offer you the Delicious and continental breakfast, evening meals and other activities such as sports and live music performances. Hurry there and visit Holiday Inn Al Khobar Hotels to book your summer holiday.
Why you are waiting for?? Are you thinking of Meetings Provide Conference, Meeting Venues and Facilities for your meetings and Events, live nightly entertainment, use of facilities like swimming pool?? Go and relax in your ambitious hotels of Saudi Arabia.