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The job comes with a definite quantity of trustiness. That Priyanka Chopra brings a really capacious assets of sensualism into her projects is a conferred. So often so that roles are denatured if and when steps into a project.

In Karan Johar's Dostana, the watery garb shots came in only after Aishwarya Rai said 'No' to the shoot, and now Priyanka's entry into Karan's incoming, Agneepath 2, has agitated a few feathers.

In fact, lately, there has been such argue in Karan's troupe Dharma Productions over Priyanka's sensuality-quotient in their sociable produce of Agneepath.

The groundbreaking reference of the woman (played by Madhavi) has been constitute a bit irksome for Priyanka's proximity.

The part is now state re-written into a other athlete interval to admit Priyanka's presence. All said and finished, Priyanka give not be seen as a woman in Agneepath 2.

Says Karan, "We can't someone Priyanka performing a woman, satisfy!"