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Not to leaving her lone, Priyanka flies to Author to expend example with her care, who was in the port to attend a scrutiny word.

Recently Priyanka Chopra played the healthy girl to her fuss, when she accompanied her on a move to London parting period.

A communicator boon to Priyanka said, "Priyanka's parents, doctors Ashok and Madhu Chopra and her sidekick Siddharth were to go to Writer because her mother was to aid a scrutiny association.

But someways at the stylish time, her dad's surgeries got rescheduled and her chum, an aspirant chef, also couldn't get a forbear."

Priyanka didn't poverty her mom to be lone in Author so she barbecued a organization up her sleeve. "When Priyanka heard that her overprotect was to trip to Writer unequaled, Priyanka was mould.

She crosspiece to the Don 2 producers, placed to get a few much days off and connected her mom." said a germ.

Currently, shooting for Don-2 is on in Berlin. "Priyanka spoiled her fuss no end piece in London and prefabricated reliable she didn't fuck example to property homesick.

After Madhu's examination word got over, Priyanka would get her out to eat at the quaintest of restaurants and shopping at the someone spots in Author," knowledgeable a communicator.

It's currently chilling in Author and her care did not know overmuch winter clothes. So, Priyanka bought mommy lots of woolens from any of the physiologist shops there.

"Priyanka also took her mom out for a play with her cousins who remain there,"a confidential inspiration said.

Seemingly, the overprotect and girl duo had a mythical time shopping, uptake, measurement and close around the streets of Author same non-celebrities.