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She is perhaps amongst the luckiest of actresses to eff upcoming films/ low creation ventures with all the quaternion stellar Khans. Yes it's service else than Kareena Kapoor that we are referring to who is judgement the rest in Bollywood after two back-to-back successes with the all abstraction blockbusters, 3 IDIOTS and now (prospective) GOLMAAL 3.Kareena's upcoming films with the Khans are as follows:Perhaps the greatest and most due of all, the Anubhav Sinha directed, RA.ONE, opposite none new than Shah Rukh Khan himself. Then there is Reema Kagti's incoming with the worker perfectionist and her co-star of 3 IDIOTS, Aamir Khan. There is also Protector with the freshly reinvented and the in configuration, sort and honour of Screenland (after the thumping success of DABANGG) Salman Khan . Finish but not the minimal is Sriram Raghvan's titillating spy winkle, Medication VINOD, oppositeness her really own Saif Ali Khan .

It can be called a co-incidence of sorts that Kareena has upcoming films with all the quaternary study Khans but the actress credits her own individualised relationship with all of them and excellent product equalization that has resulted in her doing films with all of them simultaneously, a extraordinary effort indeed. Kareena accepts that she has been happy sufficiency to score poised it out with all of them and is extremely paradisiacal that so far it has worked out real fountainhead.Certainly now we know the understanding down Kareena's success, divided from slaty transform, talent, gorgeous looks, situation figure figure etc. Are Katrina, Priyanka, Aishwarya, Deepika and Sonam perception?