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The most contempo from the affected of our Mozart of Madras is that he is basic music for a documentary of Tamil Nadu Police.

The Tamil Nadu badge admiral accept fabricated a appropriate documentary as a accolade to the badge administration that has completed 150 binding years. This documentary blur will be featuring every distinct development and architecture blocks of the department. The blur will accept the old appearance uniforms that the badge wore during their aboriginal canicule to the contempo abstruse advance and avant-garde equipments they have.
Sources say that the badge administration had requested A R Rahman to account music for their documentary alike afore the artist won the Academy Accolade and Golden Globe award. But abominably as Rahman became too active he was not able to compose for the accomplished film. Anyways the music ability is basic for one song that sings the acclaim of the State’s Police.

Rahman who is in London will assignment on this afterwards he comes back. Moreover the documentary will be appear by the State’s CM M.Karunanidhi, they say