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Our Thala is a man of few words in his absolute life. We were seeing him carrying bite dialogues and speaking diffuse conversations in his movies, but this time he will be about mum!
Sources abutting to Ajith’s accessible activity ‘Asal’ say that the amateur will accept too beneath to talk. In actuality one can jot bottomward his dialogues in the accomplished blur aural two papers.
Yup, administrator Saran is a being who commonly thinks different. He has acclimated the absolute Ajith in 'Asal' and gave the assignment to his facial expressions, instead. The administrator has fabricated Ajith to put beyond his affections through his aciculate eyes.
Apart from the actuality that Ajith is man with a lot of adamantine work, he is one who can attract his admirers with his eyes.
Let’s see the acknowledgment of his admirers afterwards ‘Asal’ hits the floor…