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World AIDS Day is captivated on 1 December every year. It is an all-embracing day to accession acquaintance about HIV and AIDS about the world. The aboriginal Apple AIDS Day was acclaimed on 1 December 1988. This year’s affair for the day is “human rights and admission to treatment”. The affair has been called to abode the analytical charge to assure animal rights and accomplish HIV prevention, treatment, affliction and abutment attainable to all. The affair acts as a alarm to countries to abolish laws that discriminate adjoin bodies alive with HIV.

UNAIDS and the Apple Health Organization appear its anniversary AIDS Catching Update on 24 November this year, advertence that 33.4 actor bodies were alive with HIV in 2008, up hardly from 2007. The college amount is accustomed to added availability to analysis acceptance added bodies to alive longer. Overall, the abstracts indicates that fresh infections accept alone 17 percent over the accomplished eight years. Despite areas of progress, accouchement still annual for 2.1 actor of bodies alive with HIV, although the cardinal of deaths has declined. The cardinal of accouchement anew adulterated with HIV in 2008 was almost 18% lower than in 2001.

HIV in India

India has a citizenry of one billion, about bisected of whom are adults in the sexually alive age group. The aboriginal AIDS case in India was detected in 1986; back again HIV infection has been appear in all states and abutment territories. The advance of HIV in India has been diverse, with abundant of India accepting a low amount of infection and the catching actuality best acute in the southern bisected of the country and in the far north-east. The accomplished HIV prevalence ante are begin in Maharashtra in the west; Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in the south; and Manipur and Nagaland in the north-east. As of August 2006, 90% of all nationally appear AIDS cases accept been begin in 10 of the 38 states and abutment territories.

How can you accord in adopting acquaintance about AIDS?

 Find out facts about HIV and allocution to your friends, ancestors and colleagues about HIV- accomplish abiding they apperceive the reality, not the myths.

 Know your HIV status: get activated if you accept put yourself at risk.

Talk to all fresh animal ally about application condoms. Application a condom during sex is the best way to assure yourself and your accomplice from HIV and added sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

If addition tells you they are HIV positive, amusement them with account and don’t acquaint others after their agreement.

Wear a red award as a attribute of your abutment for anybody afflicted by HIV< and to accession awareness.