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On his first visit to China as US president, Barack Obama has called on young Chinese to pose their questions to him at an informal town hall style meeting in Shanghai.
In advance of the gathering on Monday, state-run news agency Xinhua asked Chinese readers across the country to send in the questions they would like to ask Obama.
More than 3,000 have been posted, focusing on a range of subjects from Tibet, to the environment, to the US president's choice of accommodation.
The following is a translated selection of those questions:
Sunflower: Back when US was a developing economy, it created serious environmental pollution. Now the US has money and power, but backed out from the Kyoto protocol. I think that the US is doing so to transfer the pressure to cut emissions on to China, India and other developing countries. What do you think about this, Mr President? Do you have any specific plan to save our trust in your country?
Whocares: I used to work in a textile factory, I don't understand much on the trade disagreement between two countries, but I lost my job because of this trade disagreement. I hear that in US, the unemployment rate keeps going up, and I think the unemployed are in the similar difficult situation as me. Mr President, what do you think of unemployment? People say harmony is a virtue, but when would that happen for real?
Lzm048: You already have 2 daughters. Will you try for a third? And if it is still a daughter, what would you think about that?
911: Brother Obama, let's face it: Didn't the US start the economic crisis?
Ottaman: Does this mean you're staying in the presidential suite at the hotel?
Popmusic: How much of the stuff in the White House is 'Made in China'? How do you feel about that?
Wild calling: Facing the Chinese people, can you pledge to all of us, that during your presidency you will never meet with the Dalai Lama?
Chinese: Chinese people are kind and friendly. Our chairman Mao has once said: "We will not attack unless we are attacked; if we are attacked, we will certainly counterattack." China nowadays is not like the old days, the China nowadays will not be the China in the future. In future, China will be the only big dragon in the world. Do you think you can stop China?
South of the cloud: Mr President, I'm from Yunnan, we were very surprised when you were elected last year as a first African-American president. Now, China is developing trade relations with countries in Africa, but the western countries are saying China is doing new a colonialism in Africa. According to this logic, helping poor and less developed countries is considered as colonialism, then the US is undoubtedly the biggest colonist in the world, what do you think of that?
US Dollar: Mr President, why do you always have to pick bones with China, especially on Taiwan issues? Our unity will surely benefit the US. If you help in our unification, we will never forget your help. It's time for you to give a helping hand.
Fearless worrier: Obama, you have been president for a while. China is this big – don't you think it's a bit too late to come visit only now?
Translations by Al Jazeera Beijing producer Jin Ni