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The Ajith-Trisha starrer Mankatha, directed by Venkat Prabu, has been in the account back cutting began. The above portions of the blur accept been attempt in Mumbai, with important chunks were attempt in Hyderabad as well. Ajith admirers went berserk afterwards some of `Thala’s bite dialogues from the blur were leaked.
The administrator of the blur had planned to shoot Mankatha’s acme in Madurai and the producers were authoritative arrange to present the acme in a abundant way. Back the acme is absolutely action-oriented, the producers and the admiral acquainted that Madurai would be the apt atom to blur the sequence.
But recently, the Mankatha aggregation confused abject to Chennai for the acme sequence.
Sources from the industry say that back best of the blur was attempt in Mumbai, Chennai would bout the background. Another acumen could be that `Thala’ has the best cardinal of admirers in Madurai and the aggregation acquainted it would be boxy to shoot on the outskirts of Madurai. Reportedly, now the acme has assuredly been attempt in Chennai.
After the acme the aggregation will fly to Hyderabad to can the actual scenes in the film.
The assembly co-ordinator of the blur confirms, “The film’s acme has been attempt in Chennai and the aggregation will now about-face to Hyderabad for some acute scenes.“
Innumerable `Thala’ fans, who were cat-and-mouse for a glimpse of their `ultimate star,’ may be aghast by Mankatha’s abrupt change of schedule, but accessible concern about the blur has added afterwards all the hype.