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‘An extra has to be glamorous, but she should apperceive her banned and assignment accordingly. So was I and so will be my daughter. But I am sure, I’ll accept a watch over Karthika and adviser her accordingly’ says adept extra Radha while introducing her babe Karthika at a columnist accommodated captivated this apex at Hotel Green Park. Walking amidst abounding clicks, Radha and her babe were spotted with their sparkling smile.
When asked whether Karthika would assurance alluring roles, the newbie uttered, “There’s a actual attenuate band amid allure and boorishness and it has to be dealt carefully. I watched my mom actualization in alluring apparel in abounding films that includes ‘Mudhal Mariyadhai’. But she won analytical acclaims for her best performance.”
Radha totted up adage that she will be blessed if her babe Karthika looks carnal in saris.