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Of late, Anushka is proving herself to be absolutely a glam-goddess of Kollywood with her performances. To belie all this, the extra has gone absolutely de-glam in her accessible cine area sources acknowledge that, she has performed as an complete fun admiring being in, 'Deiva Thirumagan'.
Sources additionally acknowledge that ‘Deiva Thirumagan’ is based on the Hollywood movie, ‘I am Sam,’ area Vikram plays the role of a mentally challenged being who lives with his seven year child, afterwards the child’s mother, Amala Paul, passes away. An affecting aberration and about-face in the artifice makes Vikram access a arch lawyer, Anushka Shetty, to advice him restore his affectionate rights.
Anushka, seems to accept delivered a lot of ‘comedy’ scenes in the cine forth with Santhanam. All this has alone added the advertising for the movie; looks like ‘Deiva Thirumagan’ will absolutely be a absolute ‘family-entertainer’ demography admirers over an affecting roller-coaster ride.