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A British woman has larboard the Western Australian anchorage of Fremantle in a bid to row abandoned beyond the Indian Ocean.
Roz Savage, 43, a above advance broker from Cheshire, has already beyond the Atlantic and Pacific.
Her most recent claiming is an attack to row beyond 6,400km of accessible baptize as she attempts to become the aboriginal woman to row beyond three oceans.
She hopes her journey, which is accepted to aftermost for four months, will accession acquaintance about abyssal pollution.
In the accomplished Ms Savage, originally from Northwich, has acclimated her long-distance canoeing exploits to advance added ecology causes.
Her exact avenue and final destination are actuality kept abstruse for aegis reasons.
The aboriginal plan had been to arch to the Indian burghal of Mumbai. However, that avenue would accept taken her into seas stalked by pirates off the bank of Somalia.
The blackmail airish by piracy is a fresh affair for the environmentalist, who survived angry storms and a near-drowning on her journeys beyond the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
"It's article that I anticipate about in the wee hours of the night," she told the Associated Press account agency.
"I've done aggregate I can to abate the risk, so now I try and aloof acquaint myself that yeah, there's annihilation added I can do."
The Briton's home for the abutting few months will be a 7m (23ft) canoeing boat.
It has a tiny berth area Ms Savage will seek acquittal back she will not stop for break on land.
Her circadian accepted is set to absorb 12 hours of canoeing anniversary day, in three-hour stints, with hour-long blow break to eat amid shifts.
Ms Savage has a desalinator on her baiter to accomplish alkali baptize drinkable.
She additionally has a six-month accumulation of bake-apple and nut confined and freeze-dried meals. And she will abound bean sprouts in a baby pot.
The London-based Ocean Canoeing Society, a accumulation that advance canoeing feats about the world, said Ms Savage will be the aboriginal woman to row beyond three oceans if she is successful.