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Just brainstorm the light-eyed above Miss World breezing about in minis and white sarees as Tina in Karan Johar’s authoritative admission ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ (K2H2)…. Not able to anticipate it? Well then, let we acquaint you that in actuality Aishwarya Rai was one amid the actresses who were alleged to comedy the appearance of Rani Mukherji in the movie.
According to sources, Karan Johar had approached nine heroines for the allotment eventually played by Rani in K2H2. But alone Aishwarya was affectionate abundant to backslide aback to acquaint him that she won’t be able to do the movie.
Recalled Johar, “All (actresses) had abundant narrations; all said they admired it and would alarm me back. But of the nine, alone Aishwarya alleged aback and said she could not do it because her dates were accustomed to Jeans. She had the adroitness to alarm aback and accept a abundant discussion, which was actual auspicious for me as a first-time film-maker.”
Having accepted Aishwarya for years, Karan declared that, he and Aishwarya aggregate a abundant relationship. “Though we accept never formed together, I apperceive we will be absurd calm on celluloid as amateur and director," believes the filmmaker.
Even we feel the aforementioned KJo and we absolutely ambition you and Aishwarya appear calm for a movie….. What say?