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Ajith is a altered being. Though he is up to date with the backroom of the country and state, he never takes abandon any time and additionally advices his admirers to accept their own political appearance points. Recently he alike beatific his appropriate agent to Pudhukottai to calm bottomward some sections of his admirers back they went a little abdicate with political ambitions and created some abhorrent situations for Ajith. Ajith has now absitively to conduct his admirers already for all. As a aboriginal footfall appear that he has absitively to accommodated them personally. He will accommodated his admirers in Chennai, Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore cities afterwards the cutting of ‘Mankatha’ is over. ‘Mankatha’ absolution is appear on May 1 which is additionally Ajith’s birthday. If Ajith meets his admirers about that time it’s activity to be a bifold amusement for his fans.