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The shaadi division is here… Looks like its time for the industrywalas to cull out their bright apparel and be accessible to appear some high-profiled weddings…. Ok let us appear to the point…. The most recent celebrity to get absorbed is the light-eyed adorableness Celina Jaitley!
Buzz is that the appealing adult is affianced to Dubai-based freeholder Peter Haag - her continued time sweetheart. Birdies say that Celina and Peter exchanged rings in a baby commemoration area alone their abutting ancestors associates were present. The assurance said to accept taken abode in Mumbai during Durga Puja.
The bells date is yet to be appear officially, birdies added.
For absolutely ancient grapevines had been authoritative account about Celina’s declared alliance with Haag. Due to this the extra absitively to accomplish an official account about her conjugal status.
Since the time the assurance account spread, Celina was congratulated by her admirers and media on her website and Twitter page. Thrilled over the wishes, the extra thanked anybody on her micro-blogging armpit thus, “I adulation u all v abundant acknowledge u for it adulation and support.”
Our affable wishes to you, Celina!