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Trisha is acquirements the art of filmmaking. And that too from Kamal Haasan, the adept of all capacity as far as cinema is concerned. As a result, she is accepting a bang of a time on the sets of ‘Manmadhan Ambu’.
“Mr K fabricated me handle the cyberbanking clapboard. Learnt that a lot of adequacy is bare alike for a job bodies anticipate is so small”, the extra informs with all excitement.
She added: “Had abundant fun admitting actuality the applause gal. And I proudly alleged myself the aboriginal AD afterwards it was done”. Trisha, forth with Kamal and added associates of the crew, additionally visited assorted alien locales in France.
“Went to a admirable abbey with Mr K and few others... Was congenital in the 16th aeon by the Dominicans. Stunning is an understatement!”, she informs. Back in Chennai now, she will be cutting for an ad on Sunday.