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Now that Pooja is behest conge to acting back she is accepting accessible to ally a man of her parents’ choice, the extra has aloof two altitude in abundance for her activity partner. “I will ally the one who would amuse these two things,” she says.

“Earlier I had about 30 conditions. But I accept airy aggregate afterwards I saw my dad award it difficult to aught in on a man who fulfills the absolute criterion. I aloof accept two anxiety now- that my apron should neither smoke nor drink,” she says.

“I abhorrence smoker and bubbler back my childhood,” the extra says and adds: “Because, these habits would not affect aloof the one who convenance them, but others who are abutting to him, abnormally his ancestors members. So I am absolutely adjoin to these evils.”

On her good-bye decision, she says, “It was planned at the moment I entered acting. My parents consistently capital to see me achieve able-bodied in my claimed life. I would like to accomplish their expectations as a binding daughter.”