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In this DROdio Real Estate will give you access to as much information as possible. It created a Goggle Maps based home search tool that searches the MLS, and it also include the address of the homes, so you can drive by yourself. In fact, it will even help you help yourself, with free GPS loaner so you don't get lost. If we let you do your own research at your own pace, then we believe you'll contact us when you're ready for an expert.
Everyone wants some hand holding at a different part of his or her search process. That's why this site always available, 24x7, for phone calls. Some buyers want us to show them homes at the beginning of their search, and other buyers want to drive themselves around until they've narrowed their choices to a few homes or a few neighborhoods. The point is, we're here when you need us, and we won't bother you until you're ready for us to help.
It will provide you to think that most DROdio Real Estate have a fundamental misunderstanding of what their role should be in the home buying process. Most DROdio Real Estate think they have to "control" the process, and they think that by driving you around to certain homes, you'll buy one of the ones they show you. So they call this the "taxi-driving syndrome." But we don't think our value lies in being a taxi driver. Our agents are expert negotiators and don't mind making lowball offers, all of it with the goal of serving your best interests. We'd rather enable you with the ability to see homes, with addresses, through our search tools, and let you take your time, and then be the expert to guide you through the process when you're ready. To that end, we have a series of buyer tutorials, including "How to make a lowball offer" and "How to buy a home as a DROdio Real Estate would", which you can access, for free….