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Hi Friends, here I welcome you all for N-Viro International Corporation(NVIC) develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private Companies.These technologies safely and efficiently transform waste streams into benefical reuse products. It also convert various type of waste into benificial alternative fuel products. Its renewable biofuel technology, N-Viro Fuel, has received alternative energy status from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which qualifies the technology for renewable energy incentives.
  The N-Viro Technology is used bio solids with specific alkaline waste products from the coal combination electric generation, cement and lime industries.
   N-Viro Soil is used for bio-organic and mineral fertilizer with agricultural liming and nutrient values, as landfill cover material for land reclamation projects.

  Narrative process of N-Viro
      Biosolids Dewatering and/or Receiving
      Heat Pulse Bunker
      Accelerated Drying Techniques