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After bagging success with her fettle DVDs and chichi accouterment line, Bipasha Basu is accessible to accomplish up. Er, access the apple of accomplish up, that is, and bare her own band of cosmetics.

"I anticipate that I accept accomplish up and cosmetics actual well," states Bips in a abridged quote, "My accomplish up will be for all complexions, but my antecedence will be Asian girls. When I was in London recently, I had Asian girls advancing up to me for tips on accomplish up for adusk skins."

Adds she, "I'm accepted for my accomplish up and best women adulation the way I do my eyes. It's alone accustomed that I get into the cosmetics and accomplish up business. I accept affairs in abode and it's alone a amount of time afore I booty the plunge. I aboriginal appetite to authorize my cast in India and again go all-embracing too."

Rivals, meanwhile, are angrily batting their mascaraed lashes over this one…