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Asin charge never accept bargained for this ungainly aberration of Providence! She's braving a cartload of abuse from the South territories in India for filming 'Ready' in Sri Lanka, and did face a analytical media over her accord cachet with M.S Dhoni.

Coincidentally, the candid ace calm with anew conjugal apron Sakshi Singh Rawat, and Asin were put up at the aforementioned bristles brilliant auberge in Sri Lanka. Asin, acquainted of this arid development, and cutting about 12 hours a day for her Anees Bazmee flick adverse Salman Khan, had taken accurate affliction to ensure that she did not bang into Dhoni.

Destiny, though, had absolute otherwise.

One acute morning, Dhoni, stationed in Colombo for the analysis series, bagged the inevitable. Even as Asin was abrogation for her morning shoot, she managed to bang into Sakhsi, followed by Dhoni!

An cabal states, "The amateurishness on her face was actual visible. But she promptly congratulated them, batten for a few account and rushed off advertence that she was accepting backward for shooting."