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Sneha is annoyed a lot about gossips on her that arise in a area of the media. “I accept no added advantage than demography acknowledged activity if this trend continues,” says the actress, arising a admonishing to those overextension rumours.

“Actresses are not sex workers. It is not fair to address gossips on them aloof because they are into acting profession. We too accept a ancestors and those overextension rumours should accept the affliction we abide acknowledgment to their acts,” she says.

“I would no added booty things easy,” the ‘smiling adorableness says and adds: “I would abiding booty acknowledged activity if this trend continues. I am accessible to criticism, but not to such bargain acts which agonises me a lot.”

Changing the topic, the extra says, “This is my 10th year in cinema. I am currently accomplishing a acute role in Prashanth starrer ‘Ponnan Sankar’ which has dialogues by Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. Besides, I am arena the advance role in ‘Bhavani IPS’ and Sarath Kumar’s Vidiyal.”