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Saif Ali Khan perfects the aigrette bend for his admirer Bebo. Reportedly, Kareena Kapoor brand her Junior Nawab with continued abounding tresses. And everytime Saif scoots off for a beard about-face at his beard stylist Aalim Hakim's parlour, Bebo throws a boss fit!

Recently, Saif snipped his locks abbreviate for 'Agent Vinod'. Though afterwards a filming for a day administrator Sriram Raghavan opined that a aggregation cut would clothing his appearance better.

Snip, snip, snip… and Bingo! Saif emerged with abbreviate circumscribed beard (minus Abhishek Bachchan and numbered balls)… and Raghavan beamed an acknowledging grin.

What's better, the circumscribed cut has begin favour with Kareena too, who affectionately gushed in a media adduce stating, "With the 'Agent Vinod' look, I've collapsed in adulation with my admirer all over again!"