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The extra speaks about her camaraderie, or the abridgement of it, with co-star Ranbir Kapoor.
There has been account that extra Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor aren't the best of accompany anymore. And the accord amid the two is actuality termed as 'strained' on the sets of Barfee, a blur of which they are a part.
When we got in blow with Priyanka Chopra, she artlessly laughed the rumour off. She said, "I've had no action with Ranbir Kapoor. He's a acceptable friend. It's aloof the affectionate of blur that Barfee is that makes us appetite to break apart. We both accept difficult roles in the movie. I'm autistic and he is deafened and mute. It's not accessible to breeze in and out of appearance aloof like that. So we charge our own space, and we actual generally break abroad from anniversary added and the blow of the casting and crew. Barfee is not like Anjaana Anjaani area you could aloof let your beard bottomward and accept a acceptable time alike back in appearance and off it."