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Hi Friends I posted about the Nitro RC Cars. RC Cars are become an increasing demand hobbies and sports and also known as Remote Control Cars with many people attending competitions to watch and take part with their prize RC Cars racing with each others. These day events are great fun and not just for the geeks .Petrol RC Cars have some additional features over the last few years with Electronic Control Units give the higher spectrum cars more control over acceleration but with Petrol RC cars give a super degree performance for those who are more serious about the RC hobby we all love and known the Petrol RC cars. One of the most popular manufacturing of these petrol models in United Kingdom for Racing .Petrol RC Cars is from smaller electric cars remote control cars, to fully fledged 1.5th Scale Petrol RC Cars as well as a full range of parts for maintenance and repairs. Its have high capacity battery charger. Each car comes in a choice of Blue, Yellow or Red as well as a series of stickers for you to customize your cars .This Petrol RC Car which runs on actual unleaded petrol and not nitro fuel, so cheaper to run. All you need to is to combine the petrol with 2 stroke oil and away you go. Due to research, demand and lower manufacturing costs, these RC cars are becoming an increasingly popular model .These Petrol RC Cars include a special 1:5th steering servo, electronics battery pack and charger and even a tool kit for repair and maintenance.