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An aarti arena begin Agneepath stars Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra arena with fire; absolutely literally. While Duggu suffered accessory burns cutting the scene, PC able safe but her lehenga bent blaze and had to be change.
This is HR's additional blow on the sets of the Karan Johar production. He aching his duke while breaking a attic in an beforehand scene. His accidents accept accepted advantageous for his films in the past. We admiration if it will accompany luck to this one too.
All in a day's work
A antecedent recounts what happened: "Hrithik was cutting the Ganapati puja scene. He was captivation a big thali with several lit diyas (lamps) and accomplishing the aarti. During one rotation, one diya agitated over, spilling hot oil on his hand, baking it.
No one was any wiser for it until Duggu rushed to administer ice on the afflicted area. When the aggregation understood, the shoot was anon stopped. It wasn't a austere abrasion but Hrithik was in pain. He resumed cutting as anon as his affliction subsided. He again joked about his injuries actuality advantageous charms for his films."
Yesterday, on the additional day of cutting the scene, "PC's lehenga bent blaze from the diyas of aarti and got burnt at the edges. She noticed it bound and wasn't aching but had to change her lehenga and abrasion a fresh one," reveals addition source. Hrithik and PC were bare for comment.