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Actor Priyanka Chopra, who’s been advertence herself with the charities of the UNICEF for the accomplished so abounding years, has consistently abiding for the account of the babe child. In fact, afterwards actuality called as the official cast ambassador, PC says that she wants every babe adolescent in this country to accept admission to basal education.
Before abrogation for the alfresco shoot of a absoluteness show, she said, “It is sad to see how abounding girls are subjected to assignment rather than actuality educated, be affiliated rather than comedy and buck kids back they themselves are so young,” says Priyanka.
PC says that she would like to appointment the barrio and animate girls active there to advice themselves and empower themselves through education.
“I accept been unofficially associated with Unicef back the aftermost few years and I accept been complex with assertive activities too. I went to the barrio to accommodated girls and to accept their problems. Now, as the cast ambassador, I can clearly accommodate my articulation to the account of apprenticeship of the babe child. My parents gave me the abandon to be whatever I want, they gave me the ability to dream and I achievement every ancestor can do that,” she adds.
“In the flush circles of Mumbai, you accommodated these bodies who anticipate that no college apprenticeship is bare for their girls because they accept to be affiliated into a affluent ancestors anyway. Marriage is not the aftermost affair in a girl’s life. Please, let your girls analyze their abeyant and let them accomplish their potential,” she implored.
Priyanka is assured that she can accomplish a aberration as a celebrity. “I am neither in the government, nor am I the president. I am aloof adopting my articulation as a celebrity. So, I use my acceptance and brilliant cachet for a acceptable cause,” she ends.